Caring for the Breasts

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  • Michelle 6 months ago


    Animal fat is the breast's biggest enemy.  Animal fats promotes cancer and other forms of tumours. To prevent tumours in the breasts,  reduce or eliminate meat, especially bacon and sausage. Reduce or stop taking cheese, butter, pastries and cakes. Avoid coffee and caffeinated drinks.

    Breast sagging increases with age but you can keep the breasts firm by

    1. Not exposing the breast to too much sunlight.

    2. Avoid being obese.

    3. Strengthen the breast muscles by physical exercises like swimming and rowing. Exercises help to maintain good posture which keeps the muscles firm and strong.

    4. Use a moisturizing cream to care for the breast skin.

    5 . Do not smoke as nicotine narrows the arteries and reduces the amount of blood to the face and the breasts.

    6. Apply warm compresses on the breasts with seawater or medical herbs regularly

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