Disorders of the Cervix of the Uterus

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  • Michelle 6 months ago


    The vagina opens through the labia majora and minora. Spermatozoa is ejaculated into the vagina during sexual intercourse. The sperms swim through the opening of the womb to the womb and further to both fallopian tubes. One problem of the opening of the uterus and it's neck is inflammation. This inflammation may be caused by infections  and other unknown causes. The fact still remains that the cervix of the womb may be hardened  and may not allow much of  the sperm ejaculated  to swim into the womb. In such situations, the sperms do not go beyond the neck of the womb. Even though it is not possible for all the spermatozoa to gain entrance into the womb anytime partners have sex, it is believed that most of it enter the womb if there is no problem on the opening and neck of the womb. This singular problem can also be the cause of infertility in women. When couples fail to have children it may be from the woman or the male or both of them. It is only  proper for  the appropriate tests that can identify the causes to be done  and find solutions for it.

    It is therefore necessary for couples to report to the doctor when they cannot have children after about one year of staying together without using any contraceptives. Infertility should be treated per the causes in both husband and wife.

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