Further advice on good eating habits

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  • Michelle 6 months ago


    It is a good habit to eat at regular times. It is not for nothing that all institutions have regular times of having breakfast , lunch and dinner( super). The stomach adopts to the times of eating and secrets enough secretions during the periods. The stomach works better when we have meals at regular times.Avoid eating in between meals times since that makes us over eat and causes obesity. Fruits as a rule should be taken before the main meals but not after eating. This is because fruits digest in the intestines while other food digest in the stomach or deodenum.

    Any fruit eaten immediately after any meal is likely to be subjected to digestion in the stomach or get  fermented. As a rule, if it is not eaten earlier then it should be eaten more than one hour after meals.  Foods eaten at any meal times should be simple so that it does  not upset the stomach and cause indigestion. Example is eating fofuo and soup and fried rice  at a meal is wrong . You can however eat the rice at a meal time and the fufuo at another meal time. Anytime you eat and you have any upset afterwards know that there was something wrong either with the combination or how much or how you ate i the food.

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