Keeping the Female Genitalia Healthy

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  • Michelle 6 months ago


    It is recommended   that the  female genital organ is cleaned only once in a day with clean running water. Fingers should move through the folds of both the labia majors and the minora

    Cleaning should be from front to back to avoid introducing germs from the anus to the vagina.

    Avoid frequent douching, to maintain the natural environment of the vagina.

    During menstruation periods however , you should wash the external genitalia twice per a day..

    The use of soap in cleaning the genitalia should be at most each other day or three  times in a week . This is to maintain the acidic environment of vagina which protects it from infections.

    Avoid shampoos, diaphragms with spermicide and contraceptive foams.

    The vagina needs to maintain its slightly acid environment so as to prevent fungal and bacterial infections.

    Regular use of tampons  should be avoided since it dries out the vaginal mucosa.

    Do not wear  tampons overnight.

    Use cotton pants since it helps easy circulation of air and absorb moisture and keep the skin dry.

    Avoid tight clothing.

    Panty liners should not be used daily . It should be used in the last days of your periods. Don't use deodorants and perfume that irritate and change the vaginas natural acidity.

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