Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

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  • Michelle 6 months ago


    Pelvic inflamatory diseases are disorders that affect the vagina uterus and the ovaries through infections. Common among the infections are gonorrhea and various fungi infections . Other causes are from practices that cause inflammations in the said organs . The practices include insertion of concortions and the use of various kinds of soap and solutions to either douche or clean the vagina. Strong solutions used in cleaning the vagina first kills the useful bacteria that produce alkaline environment in the vagina to fight against infections. When the useful bacteria die any simple infection may produce inflammation in the reproductive organs. Pelvic inflamatory diseases, produce various kinds of discharges from the vagina. It also cause painful menstruation and painful sex experience. These infections may also cause infertility in women. Any form of discharges with or without irritation should be reported to the doctor.

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