The Female Breasts

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  • Michelle 6 months ago


    The female breasts represent femininity  and sex appeal. It is so special that young girls get excited at it's development . When it is finally developed it is paraded as an organ that brings out the beauty of the young girl. Until recently it did not bring mix felling to our women because it was not associated with any unpleasant news. Today our women, despite their satisfaction with all that is good about the breast, have at the back of their minds the deadly disease called BREAST CANCER. This is what frightens most if our educated women who know of the kind of disease it is.

    Fortunately, it is found out that it is only ten percent of our women who can have the disease if only they can take good care of their breasts. Food and lifestyle as usual plays very important role in either promoting or preventing cancer of the breast. We should also know that it is not all tumours that are cancerous. Most of the tumours our wives and daughters develop are not cancerous but ordinary growths that can be treated or removed without causing any deaths. How do we care for the breasts, prevent breast cancer by both lifestyle and diet?.

    Stay tuned.

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