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  • Michelle 6 months ago

    When life inspire you

    It becomes a teacher

    When you mistakingly wrong in that path

    It becomes a new live


        Many times hopes are taken from the life page

        The living ornament the dead with memories of their stay

        Now the hope of living is the song from day light

        As the birds stay together with one faith accord



    Is are the stands you take within

    Mentally, physically and spiritually

    The breath of man is the growth of his destiny


        If the dead tree can get back to life

        Who are you to question hope

        Live in a life that will manifest your future

        The hope you built are the God in you to create


    In a doubt life you grave the hopes

    The life of a creation is the hope of his world

    Look through the sun and touch on the moon

    This are the life hope alive


        In you, your hopes beings

        For who believe in shall dwell on

        Let your hopes be in the divine light of life.


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