I'm Not A Poet But Prophetic Inker

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  • Michelle 6 months ago

    The journey of our words has always be in a tight nut

    The creativeness of my thoughts are doubtful by many

    Now here it goes 

    Now I clear the waves with the prophetic ink


    I'm not a poet

       Neither am I a politician

    I'm not a musician

       Neither am I a lecture

    I'm not a teacher

       Neither am I a drummer

    I'm not a dancer

       Neither am I a singer

    I'm not a pastor

       Neither am I a preacher


    Now you can call me the prophetic inker

    The thoughts are strong to inspire

    Now the thoughts are to express and impress(loving)


    To hear the prophetic inker

    I spit the words as the nature changes in life

    The emotional truth which always spill on the heart of the prophetic ink


    Yes I am the prophetic inker

    The words that flow from the banks of my thoughts are full of wisdom

    The words of spiritual ream flows anytime I look through the mirrors of my ancestors


    I will be loved to be called a poet

    I will glad to see the truth of emotional thoughts on walls of poetry

    I will be glad to see my name in the poetry book

    Now I'm the prophetic inker


    A call I hear from my ancestors

    Saying ;

    The prophetic inker, your thoughts are flamed with inspirations and emotions

    Look through the sun of the day and get closer to your mirror of ink

    Flow the truth of nature and fact

    Your thoughts will never lack the truth of your ancestors

    Now I bless you a new name the "Prophetic Inker"


    Now words of the bleeder.


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