Life as it is

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  • Michelle 6 months ago

    I cried when I set my eyes on them

    Tears of happiness with full of emotions 

    Speechless I became whiles their smile 

    Testify their inner joy 


    Heavy heart with deep minds of inspiration 

    In them life I saw within 

    In their innocence I judge not them but nature of creation 

    Hunger with the untold stories avail


    Looking in their eyes memories carry my mind

    Heart beat faster than I thought off

    Family afar from them whiles they live in their own shades of happiness 


    Hardship of life they create with their condition 

    Pushing and trucking to become better tomorrow 

    In their own world they have no comfort 


    I ask who am I to question the universe 

    Who am I to judge them with their disability whiles they create their ability 

    In tears I cross my hands with smile showing the inner love within


    What a world 

    They have been rejected for long

    They know nothing for they need our support with love

    Positivity is the key to their destiny


    In their gorgeous and handsome looks

    I see the god in them so they're creating their own lives with love.


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